Standards-Based Grading Warm Up Discussion

Standards-Based Grading Discussion/Warm UP

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Working together using this wiki



Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. We can pool information using this wiki, making our learning and research accessible to everyone. Play around with this wiki: Notice how you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text.


The above paragraph is pro forma reassurance from PBWiki, folks. Now we're jumping into the pool.


Standards-Based Grading, or SBG from here on, is also known as "grading linked to standards," and "grading for learning." (Thanks to EI for the new term and three-letter acronym!)


We will kick off our examination of standards-based grading with a warm up discussion wherein we analyze a couple of grading situations that made the papers. In SBG Warm Up Draft 1, let's look at the articles separately, comment on them, then compare the situations and draw some conclusions about what's being described in the articles.


The end goal is to produce a document or series of wiki pages that can 1)serve as a primer for educators new to SBG, 2) as a quick review for educators who have been exposed to the concepts, 3) as a training tool for professional development sessions. I expect that the final document will require much diligent revision along the way, and that we will all have a hand in that.


By way of reassurance to wiki participants: wiki members have a wide range of experience with SBG, from recent exposure to in-depth professional development, follow up, and practice. This wiki discussion will fall on its figurative face if we are silent when we have questions. I will be asking a lot of questions both as moderator and a participant. Questions from all of us will bring out the information we all need.


In SBG Discussion 1, after the Warm Up, we'll talk about what grades are for, who needs to know what grades tell about a student, and what grades should and should not describe. In SBG Discussion 2 and subsequent discussions, we'll continue with our examination of SBG and apply what we've learned from wiki participation.



For our comments, let's use "normal" format, "Verdana" for the font, and "small" for size. Please pick a color for your font that's easy on the eyes, and please add your initials (see Group Members below).



Let's go to SBG Warm Up: Draft 1 (bottom of this page) for further instructions, then bounce back here to read the articles and make notes for the observations you will write in SBG Warm Up: Draft 1.



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Let's continue this discussion in the same way we participated in Eric's Home Page discussion. Drop in, contribute, come back, edit and contribute, and so on until we reach a conclusion. We'll apply what we learn about wiki participation as we go.





We'll keep our drafts here so we can refer to earlier versions.


SBG Warm Up: Draft 1




Shared Documents


Grading Policy.doc


Gradebook Sample.xls